CHARACTERS (all character bios contain some form of spoiler for new readers)

ABEILLE is on a quest to find someone who wants to do things the old-fashioned way in a world where touching has become outdated. She is outgoing and friendly, but in pain from the loss of her sister. Her homeworld is Pasque and would play Ringette on the icy planet. Abeille has only been living on Monotropa for a few months and is first working in the Cafeteria at Eyebright Industries, but soon transfers to the Gardeners.

MIEL is an employee of Eyebright Industries, Logging Department. He is a workaholic, but starts to loosen up a bit after meeting Abeille. He is a very kind person who tends to babble when he discusses a subject he loves. He collects old printed books and loves to be out in nature. He has lived on Monotropa since he was eight with his Mom and Amma.

IVY works in the Horticulture Department at Eyebright Industries. Ivy is starts her story not looking for a serious relationship and even scoffs at the idea, but soon finds she might want something that’s more than casual and convenient. She is afraid of thunderstorms and loves to dance.

HOLLY is Ivy’s partner at Eyebright and her lover at home. The best friends formed a close physical relationship out of convenience due to their mutual lack of a social life, but eventually amicably broke up. They continue to be good friends and live together as roommates.

ASTER is a counselor at the Monotropa Welcome Center and is currently dating Ivy. Zie is a very compassionate and caring person and understands the importance touching has when it comes to comforting someone who is hurting.

CLOVE works in the cafeteria at Eyebright Industries. He stands up for what is right and helps his friends when they are in need. He refrains from talking too much because of his stutter, but finds ways to communicate without many words. He is very self-conscious and is hesitant to get serious with anyone.

BOTAN hosts the Eyebright company camping trip every year and is team leader of Gardeners in the Horticulture department. He and his group tend to the wheat harvests as well as the herb fields. Botan hits it off with Clove immediately and hopes to be more than a one-nighter with him.

POPPY is a former lover of Abeille. Not a lot is currently known about her and Abeille’s time together, but they first met on the transport ship to Monotropa. They now work together as Gardeners at Eyebright Industries.