Sep.04.18 at 09:20 pm

Thank you for reading Love Not Found! You can get even more of the characters you love when you become my patron on Patreon!

You'll get EXCLUSIVE LNF BONUS CONTENT all month long, including:

  • Early updates and announcements
  • Warm-ups & Works-in-Progress
  • Behind the Scenes: Concept and character design for current and future projects
  • Comic pencils & Process Notes: Look at penciled LNF pages and find out why Gina did what she did and why it works!
  • Sketch Requests (semi-regular) - NEW!!
  • SFW Pinups and Illustrations
  • NSFW Comics & eBooks (18+ only): Full length comics exploring the sexier side of Love Not Found and other mature audiences only titles! Early access to titles in progress! NEW COMIC: DRAWN TO HER
  • Naughty Pinups & Doodles (18+ only): Pinup art and sketches featuring Gina's characters, plus other original content!

Aug.18.18 at 03:56 am

Things are busy behind the scenes at Strawberry Comics! Our erotic sports comics anthology just successfully funded on Kickstarter! It was quite a thrilling month there. Now we're working on getting all the final pieces of the project completed, so we can send it off to the printer!

I'm also working on a new erotic comic for my Patreon backers and Filthy Figments! It started out as a redraw of one of my earliest erotic comics, The Storm, but ended up becoming one of the cutest lesbian romance stories I've done to date!

Also, BOTH kids will now be in school starting at the end of August! I know I'll be all emotional when the younger kiddo goes off for their first day just like I did with my first, but this is also so very exciting! I am looking forward to the extra hours at the art desk.

Jul.27.18 at 08:46 pm

SCORE! is a brand new lineup of Erotic Sports Comics from Filthy Figments. Nineteen women and non-binary creators team up to celebrate heated rivalries, deep friendships, and what happens beneath the surface. The stories explore subjects like gender, queerness, and body image and feature a variety of artistic styles, genres, sexualities, genders, kinks, and fetishes!

Emphasizing strong narratives and well-developed characters is how Filthy Figments has made a unique voice for itself in the world of adult comics, and SCORE! continues that tradition.This gorgeous collection of erotic comics will be printed in black and white and will contain over 250 PAGES of BRAND NEW naughty stories created just for this book!

As of this blog post, we are at 61% of our funding goal and 11 days to go! You can back the kickstarter and get a printed or digital copy of the book and a find collection of other souvenirs! But guess what! You can help in other ways as well! Free ways! You can show your support by spreading the word on social media or your websites/blogs! Our artists are happy to do interviews and talk about the project if you want to reach out to us!

Help us knock it outta the park!

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