Apr.30.17 at 11:37 am

WHAT HAPPENED: Hello dear readers! My whole family came down with Strep Throat this week. It has been pretty harsh and were mostly bedridden. I was able to notify readers who follow me on Facebook and Twitter, so always good to check there when an update is late/missing. There's usually a major reason it hasn't shown up by the end of the update day (hurricane, bedridden with sickness, etc).  I am so sorry to have left you hanging in the story and to have left the main site without updates.

WHEN THE COMIC WILL UPDATE: We are starting to feel better with the meds from the doctor, but I am not sure yet if I will be well enough/strong enough to get Monday's page completely finished. I might try to get just the inks up even if I can't get the whole page colored right away. I will have a better idea of what's what later this evening. I will keep you updated.

Thank you ALL for your patience, support, and understanding. I know you are all such wonderful readers always wishing me well when I get sick (it has been a rough year for health for us since the oldest kid started kindergarten) ^_^

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