May.01.16 at 02:45 am

Spring is here and I decided to do some spring cleaning on my Patreon page. Those of you who don't know about it, Patreon is sort of like a tip jar for the artist, a ways of supporting and getting different rewards as thanks for your help.

You can get all sorts of fun perks like early access to comic updates and completely illustrations, see unfinished sketches and works-in-progress, hear about new projects before everyone else, see what goes into the creation of a comic page or illustration, and other cool things.

The most exciting is the addition of the Milestone Goal which could bring about extra updates each month for Love Not Found! LNF is a free comic that updates 3x a week. No matter how much I make on Patreon I will continue to do that. But pledging allows me to spend more time on the comics, and as we hit the milestones, I can update more frequently. That would be super awesome! I can pay bills and give you all awesome extra bonus goodies at the same time! Yay!


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