Jan.03.16 at 07:56 pm

Just wishing every one of you wonderful readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! Thank you for all of your support and helping Love Not Found grow in this past year. Your love and enthusiasm are what make comics worth creating! Knowing there are people out there reading what I created and genuinely enjoying it, well, that's just awesome. And your support, either by Patreon or merch purchases or telling a friend about the comic continues to help keep the comic going! Very excited for all the things to come in the new year!

Dec.24.15 at 07:23 pm

I'll be taking the last week of the year off to spend time with family visiting out of town, catch up on some projects, and possibly even get a bit of a buffer going with Love Not Found. See you all in a week! Enjoy the last of 2015!

Dec.03.15 at 08:04 pm

Hello all you wonderful readers. The good news is our house is starting to recover from the terrible stomach flu. We're not tip-top just yet, but I had enough energy to get tonight's page completed. I will be taking it easy over the weekend, but I'm pretty certain I should be able to start working again, too. Thanks for all your support, understanding, and well wishes! My family and I appreciate it!

Dec.02.15 at 07:36 pm

My husband got super sick over the holiday weekend. We went to the hospital twice because of the abdominal pain and non stop vomiting. Just as he was feeling better yesterday both our daughter and I got really sick. Seems to be a really nasty stomach flu, though my vomiting only lasted one day.

I missed today's Love Not Found update and haven't been able to post a notice on the site until now as I have been stuck in bed. I am seriously so sorry for keeping everyone on the site in the dark up to this point. I am hoping to be back for Friday's update. I will keep everyone updated through my twitter, tumblr, and facebook since I can update those through my phone.

Nov.26.15 at 08:43 pm

Filthy Figments and Comic Orgy are having a huge BLACK FRIDAY SALE. 

Right now at Filthy Figments you can get access to 6,000+ pages of lady-created erotic comics. You can ready all of my naughty comics there; Beau & the Beast, Riding Hood, Workbreak, Little Red Threads, and The Storm.

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