Mar.07.16 at 03:43 am

Whoohoo! Love Not Found, Volume 1 is FUNDED and that means this book will become a reality! Thank you EVERYONE for your support!

But it's not over yet! There's still time to order a book and get some cool and unique rewards. And if we hit some stretch goals we can offer even more excellent bonuses for our backers. Reaching the first stretch goal means the book cover will get all dressed up with some fancy foil stamping. Let's reach for the stars!

Mar.04.16 at 03:48 am

Exciting news for the Love Not Found kickstarter! We are now only about $600 away from hitting our funding goal! We are so excited about this since it means we are getting closer to making the book a reality! Seriously, just 5% left to go! Thank you all so much for your support thus far. It's great to know you are as excited to see this book printed as we are.

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing funding platform which means we have to hit our goal to print the book. We can always make more, but if we don't hit that goal we don't get any of the money and the book can't be printed.That's why it's super important to hit that goal! I know we can do it! Love Not Found readers are awesome!

Feb.28.16 at 07:02 pm

Just wanted to send a little announcement for the Love Not Found Kickstarter. Shipping within the USA is **NOT** $20. I made a HUGE error that I fixed for the shipping. The books are $25 total (shipping is included in that) for orders inside the USA.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of folks who saw the KS on the first day and didn’t know it was an error or that I was able to correct it. If you’ve been wanting to support the project and grab a book please do. The shipping is actually quite reasonable as a bonus for early supporters.

Feb.25.16 at 07:37 am

The "Love Not Found, volume 1" kickstarter campaign is now live! The book will be in full color and collect the first seven chapters of the series! It will also contain over twenty pages of bonus content including author notes about the series, concept art of the world and several characters, floor plans of the character's homes, and a whole bunch of completed illustrations and poster designs!

The campaign has a whole bunch of fun and unique backer rewards! Some of them are very limited so you'll have to grab them quick! Thanks everyone!


UPDATE #1: We've reached our 200th backer and have hit the 60% mark of our funding goal! Check it out and consider picking up a copy of a print edition of Love Not Found!


UPDATE #2: The kickstarter has reached 66%, putting us at two-thirds of the way toward our funding goal!

Jan.03.16 at 07:56 pm

Just wishing every one of you wonderful readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! Thank you for all of your support and helping Love Not Found grow in this past year. Your love and enthusiasm are what make comics worth creating! Knowing there are people out there reading what I created and genuinely enjoying it, well, that's just awesome. And your support, either by Patreon or merch purchases or telling a friend about the comic continues to help keep the comic going! Very excited for all the things to come in the new year!

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