Sep.20.17 at 02:23 am

I've been continuing to add a bunch of new exclusive content every month to my Patreon, including Standby Mode which is an extended scene from the beginning of Chapter 13. Standby Mode will be ending by the end of next month and I’ve already got other ideas for followup Love Not Found naughty comics! I'm really excited about sharing these stories with you! I feel like they add more layers to the LNF universe and, honestly, they're just fun as hell to draw!

Sep.04.17 at 07:46 pm

I always find this kind of Science Fiction interesting and terrifying. Brave New World, Gattaca, Demolition ManThe Island, The Fifth Element, Doctor Who... it always asks such interesting questions about humans and humanity, what we are, what we can achieve as we grow and spin on this little planet, and how these things can go horribly wrong.

Specifically in the world of Love Not Found, I really feel that to a certain extent the government would most certainly have to control modifications. To what extent I really don't have that exactly hash out, but things like eye color (today's equivalent of contact lenses), tattoos, hair color (today's equivalent of hair dye), and makeup/tattoos, would be things that are "over the counter" and considered as acceptable in their time as they are in ours.

Jul.21.17 at 02:00 am

...not on Mars, but rather in her new place! Internet took a few days longer than we hoped to get hooked up because the rental unit is new construction and not everything was quite ready to go. They ended up have to send the "the guy who gets sent when things have gone wrong" so he could get us hooked up on Wednesday. They had to call a bucket truck to run the line! It was quite something to see! It really is so nice to be back. Thank you everyone for being patient while we got set up at our new place!

Jul.07.17 at 02:46 am

The movers arrive bright and early Monday! Gina and her family are moving to a new place in town and that means the office is closed until next week when we can unpack. Updates will resume by Friday at the latest!

In the meantime, please enjoy this heart-stoppingly adorable guest art from the very talented artist, Gutsy! You can view more of her work at Filthy Figments as well as at her Deviant Art and Tumblr accounts!

May.19.17 at 02:56 pm

Taking a day off to finish off the script for Chapter 14. Will be back Monday with the new page! In the meantime, I've been adding a bunch of new exclusive content to my Patreon, including the currently ongoing Standby Mode which is an extended scene from the beginning of Chapter 13. You know the one! :wink wink:

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