Jan.26.18 at 05:14 pm

The Love Not Found super fluffy sexy-times bonus comic, Standby Mode, is now available as a PDF at DriveThruComics and at the FF eBook Store! You can also read this comic when you become my patron on Patreon! Needless to say, this bonus comic is only for mature readers and not intended for younger readers.

STANDBY MODE - "Physical contact is unheard of these days, but there are some who have discovered touching might not be such a bad idea after all. Now that Abeille and Miel's small experiments in touching have come to an end they begin a deeper journey together, exploring every detail they can get their hands on!"

Dec.29.17 at 08:02 pm

December was a heckuva month for our family and this final week of the year was determined to outdo all the rest. Readers who follow me on my social media outlets know we've been catching almost every cold or flu the kidlet brings home frm school since October. We've managed to get back on our feet through the winter break, thankfully, and I am starting to quickly catch up on projects. (The past two days alone, I got a good handful of comic pages penciled and/or thumbnailed!)

This week, we had the luck of having our credit card number stolen (though our bank is refunding us). Not too big a deal in the scheme of things. Right on the heals of that being sorted, we tried to update my work computer's OS and it crashed HARD. Two days later, with the help of some excellent tech support, we have finally gotten the computer to allow us access again and we have restored the backup of all my work! Whew! Needless to say, not having access to my computer, tablet, and digital work in general, I am going to start fresh in the new year. Monday, January 1, 2018 be ready for new Love Not Found comics!

Even though this year was hard for pretty much everyone, we pulled through. We will face the coming year together and I will continue to bring you more happy sci-fi with Love Not Found as well as plenty of new art and comics through Strawberry Comics and Filthy Figments! Thank you all for your love and support!


Nov.13.17 at 07:28 pm

Space. Romance. Calendars! The Love Not Found 2018 Calendar Kickstarter is live! The new year is fast approaching and talk of Calendars is in the air. Deck your walls with a special Love Not Found calendar featuring 12 months of love and happiness illustrated by comic artist, Gina Biggs!


Oct.27.17 at 02:46 am

Love Not Found Volume 2 is complete! Wow! I feel so accomplished getting to the end of the second book in the series! And thank you so much for reading! Seriously, you're an awesome person. If someone hasn't told you that today, they should have by now. I truly hope you enjoyed it, especially Chapter 14! I can't wait to get started on Volume 3!



  • There will be a short intermission before the start of Volume 3.
  • Behind-the-scenes sneak peeks posting during Intermission.
  • Volume 3 will begin posting on November 13, 2017!
  • New update schedule upon return will be Mondays and Fridays.


There will be a short intermission between Volume 2 and the start of Volume 3 while I finish writing the outline for the book and get the script for Chapter 15 completed. I want to make sure Volume 3 is solid all the way through.

In regards to the new update schedule, I really think the art in Love Not Found has made some HUGE strides forward in Chapter 14 and I would like to continue that level of quality in future chapters. The price of the higher quality is time. Inking digitally and creating more fully-colored digital backgrounds take longer for me, but the final pages look leaps and bounds better. I've found that 3x week updates is too much and my health and stress meters are currently way out of balance in the struggle to 1. Keep up the level of work I want to put into this series, 2. Keep up with paid project deadlines, 3. Have time to get more than five or six hours of sleep a night, 4. Stop injuring my hand/arm/back so severely in pushing so hard.

Doing one less update a week right now will also allow me the time to catch up on projects that fans are looking forward to seeing (Red String Omnibus 3, LNF vol.2 book, Patreon rewards, Score Anthology, etc) and still work on this free series that I love creating and sharing with everyone! Once I get all caught up on my other work and I get quicker/more practiced at the digital work I can return to three pages a week!

During this intermission, I will be posting behind-the-scenes content on the site leading up to the launch of Love Not Found Volume 3. And I will be running a short Love Not Found Calendar Kickstarter at the beginning of November!

Oct.19.17 at 12:58 am


Our house has been fighting off a collective cold the past week. We were all getting better and then went to the opening of a new playground here in town over the weekend. Monday a new wave of sick fell over the house. Took kids to doc yesterday. It's a stomach virus this round. We just seem to catch everything going around in school.

I’m doing okay, hubby and Kai are on the mend, and Lucy is back in school today, but I wasn’t able to work on a page during all of this. I am just focusing on getting better and getting the page done for Friday.


IN THE MEANTIME, I have a fun bonus for my Patreon backers! This month, I'm really excited to bring you a special bonus comic from Brad Guigar, creator of  "Evil Inc,"  a comic about a corporation run by and for super-villains. Brad also runs Webcomics.com which offers a wide variety of advice columns, feedback, and musings for new AND seasoned comic creators.


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