Oct.27.17 at 02:46 am

Love Not Found Volume 2 is complete! Wow! I feel so accomplished getting to the end of the second book in the series! And thank you so much for reading! Seriously, you're an awesome person. If someone hasn't told you that today, they should have by now. I truly hope you enjoyed it, especially Chapter 14! I can't wait to get started on Volume 3!



  • There will be a short intermission before the start of Volume 3.
  • Behind-the-scenes sneak peeks posting during Intermission.
  • Volume 3 will begin posting on November 13, 2017!
  • New update schedule upon return will be Mondays and Fridays.


There will be a short intermission between Volume 2 and the start of Volume 3 while I finish writing the outline for the book and get the script for Chapter 15 completed. I want to make sure Volume 3 is solid all the way through.

In regards to the new update schedule, I really think the art in Love Not Found has made some HUGE strides forward in Chapter 14 and I would like to continue that level of quality in future chapters. The price of the higher quality is time. Inking digitally and creating more fully-colored digital backgrounds take longer for me, but the final pages look leaps and bounds better. I've found that 3x week updates is too much and my health and stress meters are currently way out of balance in the struggle to 1. Keep up the level of work I want to put into this series, 2. Keep up with paid project deadlines, 3. Have time to get more than five or six hours of sleep a night, 4. Stop injuring my hand/arm/back so severely in pushing so hard.

Doing one less update a week right now will also allow me the time to catch up on projects that fans are looking forward to seeing (Red String Omnibus 3, LNF vol.2 book, Patreon rewards, Score Anthology, etc) and still work on this free series that I love creating and sharing with everyone! Once I get all caught up on my other work and I get quicker/more practiced at the digital work I can return to three pages a week!

During this intermission, I will be posting behind-the-scenes content on the site leading up to the launch of Love Not Found Volume 3. And I will be running a short Love Not Found Calendar Kickstarter at the beginning of November!

Oct.19.17 at 12:58 am


Our house has been fighting off a collective cold the past week. We were all getting better and then went to the opening of a new playground here in town over the weekend. Monday a new wave of sick fell over the house. Took kids to doc yesterday. It's a stomach virus this round. We just seem to catch everything going around in school.

I’m doing okay, hubby and Kai are on the mend, and Lucy is back in school today, but I wasn’t able to work on a page during all of this. I am just focusing on getting better and getting the page done for Friday.


IN THE MEANTIME, I have a fun bonus for my Patreon backers! This month, I'm really excited to bring you a special bonus comic from Brad Guigar, creator of  "Evil Inc,"  a comic about a corporation run by and for super-villains. Brad also runs Webcomics.com which offers a wide variety of advice columns, feedback, and musings for new AND seasoned comic creators.


Sep.20.17 at 02:23 am

I've been continuing to add a bunch of new exclusive content every month to my Patreon, including Standby Mode which is an extended scene from the beginning of Chapter 13. Standby Mode will be ending by the end of next month and I’ve already got other ideas for followup Love Not Found naughty comics! I'm really excited about sharing these stories with you! I feel like they add more layers to the LNF universe and, honestly, they're just fun as hell to draw!

Sep.04.17 at 07:46 pm

I always find this kind of Science Fiction interesting and terrifying. Brave New World, Gattaca, Demolition ManThe Island, The Fifth Element, Doctor Who... it always asks such interesting questions about humans and humanity, what we are, what we can achieve as we grow and spin on this little planet, and how these things can go horribly wrong.

Specifically in the world of Love Not Found, I really feel that to a certain extent the government would most certainly have to control modifications. To what extent I really don't have that exactly hash out, but things like eye color (today's equivalent of contact lenses), tattoos, hair color (today's equivalent of hair dye), and makeup/tattoos, would be things that are "over the counter" and considered as acceptable in their time as they are in ours.

Jul.21.17 at 02:00 am

...not on Mars, but rather in her new place! Internet took a few days longer than we hoped to get hooked up because the rental unit is new construction and not everything was quite ready to go. They ended up have to send the "the guy who gets sent when things have gone wrong" so he could get us hooked up on Wednesday. They had to call a bucket truck to run the line! It was quite something to see! It really is so nice to be back. Thank you everyone for being patient while we got set up at our new place!

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