Mar.08.18 at 12:51 am

I've started livestreaming my Love Not Found work on Twitch! I'm doing a little bit of everything so you'll get to see a range of comic crafting work like taking roughs to pencils, inking, coloring, and lettering! It's a lot of fun getting a chance to interact with you while I work!

Watched two memorable movies this past month and I'm excited to talk about them with you! The first was Shape of Water just breathtaking. The feel of the film was very similar to Guillermo del Toro's work on Pan's Labyrinth, so I was all over it and I was not disappointed! There was one face-gore scene like in PL. I was kinda expecting it. But I still wish it wasn't there. Other than that one complaint, I loved it! Kinda like reverse-Splash! (Remember that one with Tom Hanks and Darel Hannah?) If you're into sf/f or a fan of del Toro or just looking for something beautiful AND moving to watch check it out! Also, there are BOOKS! I think I need these!


Then there was Coco and the entire family was weeping by the end of the film. Pixar has definitely perfected the art of punching you in the feels. You never quite know when they're gonna spring it on you, but you know it's coming and you are helpless against it. All I can say is go watch Coco and then hug your family a lot!

MORE ON COCO: I've gotten to rewatch Coco a couple more times now and it gets even better with a second viewing. You notice things in the story that make it even better, hints and nods, feelings with the knowledge of the entire story.  And Mama Coco's hands, they remind me of my Grandma's old, frail, soft hands. The animation in the hands and faces are breathtaking. Every emotion is felt. I do not say this often, but this movie is nothing short of a masterpiece in art and storytelling. There is a beautiful sadness and it makes my chest ache. The love and joy in this movie is everything I want to be as a storyteller.

Feb.17.18 at 10:00 pm

My daughter has started reading with a passion and we always try to get her books that have girls doing LOTS of different things. She has her Disney princess books, but we balance that with Princess in Black, Interstellar Cinderella, and Nella the Princess Knight. Wonderfully, they're among her favorites so it all works out!

Additionally, now that she has started reading on her own (wow, the kiddo's half way through first grade now) and we've been getting early reader books. We stumbled onto a series called "You Should Meet" and have so far collected Katherine Johnson, The Women Who Launched Computer Age, and just this month, Mae Jemison!

These books are for the 6-8 year old range. They really give a decent amount of detail about the lives and work of the people they're featuring! My  daughter is fascinated with them and they have quickly become her favorite books. We've started buying more of them just so we can have some variety each night at story time. This month with the book focusing on Mae Jemison, we were even able to pull up the Star Trek: TNG episode where she makes a cameo (s6,e24 - riker transporter twin episode)!

Jan.26.18 at 05:14 pm

The Love Not Found super fluffy sexy-times bonus comic, Standby Mode, is now available as a PDF at DriveThruComics and at the FF eBook Store! You can also read this comic when you become my patron on Patreon! Needless to say, this bonus comic is only for mature readers and not intended for younger readers.

STANDBY MODE - "Physical contact is unheard of these days, but there are some who have discovered touching might not be such a bad idea after all. Now that Abeille and Miel's small experiments in touching have come to an end they begin a deeper journey together, exploring every detail they can get their hands on!"

Dec.29.17 at 08:02 pm

December was a heckuva month for our family and this final week of the year was determined to outdo all the rest. Readers who follow me on my social media outlets know we've been catching almost every cold or flu the kidlet brings home frm school since October. We've managed to get back on our feet through the winter break, thankfully, and I am starting to quickly catch up on projects. (The past two days alone, I got a good handful of comic pages penciled and/or thumbnailed!)

This week, we had the luck of having our credit card number stolen (though our bank is refunding us). Not too big a deal in the scheme of things. Right on the heals of that being sorted, we tried to update my work computer's OS and it crashed HARD. Two days later, with the help of some excellent tech support, we have finally gotten the computer to allow us access again and we have restored the backup of all my work! Whew! Needless to say, not having access to my computer, tablet, and digital work in general, I am going to start fresh in the new year. Monday, January 1, 2018 be ready for new Love Not Found comics!

Even though this year was hard for pretty much everyone, we pulled through. We will face the coming year together and I will continue to bring you more happy sci-fi with Love Not Found as well as plenty of new art and comics through Strawberry Comics and Filthy Figments! Thank you all for your love and support!


Nov.13.17 at 07:28 pm

Space. Romance. Calendars! The Love Not Found 2018 Calendar Kickstarter is live! The new year is fast approaching and talk of Calendars is in the air. Deck your walls with a special Love Not Found calendar featuring 12 months of love and happiness illustrated by comic artist, Gina Biggs!


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