Oct.30.14 at 11:00 pm

I've been meaning to mention it, but I have started a new erotic comic over at Filthy Figments. It's a genderbent yaoi version of the fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, appropriately named Beau and the Beast.

"Once upon a time, there was a Beast who lived alone in the woods and tended to his winter blooming roses. All was peaceful until he caught a thief trying to steal one of his roses. The Beast demanded the man's daughter in exchange for his life. The man was so terrified he agreed to this high price. However, the man did not HAVE a daughter..."

Sep.07.14 at 10:00 am

We had a blast at DragonCon this year! Sold out of a lot of merchandise, including the Love Not Found Chapter 1 mini comics. We printed them up to spread the word about the new series and ended up selling out of them early Saturday, our first item to sell out at the table. Whoops! Will definitely bring more copies to the next convention. Even with the booklets sold out we continued to pitch the series to folks and hand them a promo bookmark. A lot of my Red String fans didn't know I was working on a new series so it was great to get them up to speed.

I ended up doing something I rarely do, I did some cosplay! That's right! You're friendly neighborhood webcomic artist got all dressed up, wig, makeup and all! I went as Abeille in a little bee costume. Next year, I hope to have a custom Eyebright Industries uniform for the cons as well. Maybe even a wig styled with the hair up in the buns!

Aug.12.14 at 10:00 pm

Hey folks! We will be tabling at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA this August 29th - September 1st. We're going to have a killer booth this time around and I will even be in costume on Saturday and Sunday! We're going to have all sorts of cool stuff at the booth. Find us at TBL62 in the Hyatt! Hope to see you there!

Jul.11.14 at 10:00 am

The question was posed on Facebook and on Twitter: "How prevalent is the whole not touching thing?"

My response was: "The story really delves into it more in Ch.2 (and beyond), but I'll divulge a little. Touching is sort of "outdated". It's not illegal. People have chosen machines over touching because it's more efficient and less messy." It was suggested I change the word "forgotten" to "outdated" in the first chapter to make it more clear as to my meaning. I think it might help to do that so I updated a page to help future readers possibly not feel confused over it.

Jun.18.14 at 09:00 pm

DID YOU KNOW: Abeille's name is French. It means "bee" and is pronounced "ah-BAY". You can listen to it spoken via this link. Miel's name is also French. It means "honey" and is pronounced "MEE-ELL". You can listen to it spoken via this link.

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