Sep.07.15 at 11:28 am

As you can see there is a guest art piece up today instead of a normal update. Turns out we are still on the Road to Portland a week later from our start date. It's taking us way longer to drive out there with the trailer and the kids in tow. We have another two days of driving ahead of us, so today is a beautiful Guest Art by Crystal Yates of Earthsong Saga.


Aug.30.15 at 10:46 pm

This is it! I am officially on my way to Portland, OR with the family. We're going to be on the road for almost a week so I had some awesome artists fill in for me while I am travelling. We've got some amazing guest art and a guest comic lined up for you! Normal updates will resume Monday, September 7th.


Monday guest art comes from Tsukiyono, artist of Fine Sometimes Rain.

Wednesday guest comic comes from NaniRoxy. Check out her Tumblr and webcomic, SwitchOut!

Friday guest comic comes from Daisy Ein. Check out her Tumblr.

Aug.02.15 at 11:09 pm

I’m moving to Portland, OR at the end of August (with my family, of course) . I’d really like to clear out some inventory before the big day, so I am having a big MOVING SALE. Doing so will not only put a little extra travel cash in our pockets, but also lighten our load. Each Erstwhile book weighs a little over a pound and we have 80 boxes containing a total of over 1300+ books. Every book we sell is a pound less we have to lug with us. We have almost a literal ton of books to bring… unless you give them a good shelf to call home.

Also, trying to move our t-shirts and even our sushi plushies (which are over on etsy).


ERSTWHILE Volumes 1 & 2 - Normal Price $20 each. SALE PRICE $9.99 (50% OFF)

FEAR MY CUTENESS Ladies Tees - Normal Price $15. SALE PRICE $9.99 (33% OFF)

SUSHI PLUSHIES - Normal Price $15. SALE PRICE $9.99 (33% OFF)

Jul.27.15 at 12:54 pm

After some feedback (from readers and colleages) on the date scene with Abeille and Violet (her date) I decided to make a few edits. My intention was definitely not to have Abeille appear uncaring to the mistake she made. Yes, this character made a mistake in not discussing her kinks with her date beforehand. Abeille took Violet's "show me what you want" statement and literally tried to show her. You can't go in expecting vanilla and be given a hot fudge sunday without warning. The edits leave the scene mostly in tact as I still want to show Abeille's mistake, but I also wanted to make my intention more clear. Abeille doesn't know this woman pretty much at all, she pulled away as soon as the woman showed dislike for the idea. I thought her expression and body language would be enough to show Abeille knew she did wrong. It wasn't, so I edited a bit to make her thoughts more clear. Hope this helps!

Jul.22.15 at 12:15 am

So many things have been happening recently or are going to be happening soon. I can hardly believe Lucinda and Kai's fourth and second birthday's are coming up at the end of next month. It's all happening so fast and it seems that just yesterday I was going on maternity leave for Red String (for the second time). O_O

I am recovering very well from my unexpected gallbladder surgery in June. That was quite the monkey-wrench in my work, though! Just as I was finally developing a buffer, poof! It was gone. Pushing to get it back so I can have limited interruption of updates for our big move.

Yep! We are moving at the end of August; all the way across the country to Portland, OR. We are super excited about the move because it means being back in a big artsy/comic scene again. A lot of our friends live out there and there are so many things about it that are so in tune with our interests.

Because of this big move, I will be having a big moving sale for my merchandise in an attempt to not have to lug so many books with us when we go. Erstwhile books will be on sale as well as a bunch of my other stuff. Keep watch for details!

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