Nov.18.16 at 02:36 pm

I've been reading the Princess Jellyfish omnibus books recently. It's such a cute series. I am so glad they are releasing it since the anime ends abruptly with no conclusion. I find that the characters are easy to relate to for so many reasons (they are shy, geeky girls).

One of my favorite little details about this series is that the main character wears glasses and when she takes them off she can't magically see (which is a nice change of pace). I love the dress and costumes in this series (folks who like the clothes from Love Not Found will probably dig them as well).

The thing that I really liked while reading the second Omnibus was when the crossdressing younger brother has the realization that he is feeling entitled to the main character (a nice guy). He realizes what he's feeling and addresses it. Very impressive for a shoujo manga series!


Looking for a good inking brush pen? The one I use and recommend is the Zebra Brush pen! It is pretty slick. While I've found that the Pitt brush pens fray quickly and look a little faded in color, the Zebra is dark and the tip has never frayed on me! It can get dulled a bit after a whole chapter of inking which makes it harder to get in find details, but it takes a lot of use to get there. Overall, a very nice pen. It made me fall in love with hand-inking again.

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