Aug.18.18 at 03:56 am

Things are busy behind the scenes at Strawberry Comics! Our erotic sports comics anthology just successfully funded on Kickstarter! It was quite a thrilling month there. Now we're working on getting all the final pieces of the project completed, so we can send it off to the printer!

I'm also working on a new erotic comic for my Patreon backers and Filthy Figments! It started out as a redraw of one of my earliest erotic comics, The Storm, but ended up becoming one of the cutest lesbian romance stories I've done to date!

Also, BOTH kids will now be in school starting at the end of August! I know I'll be all emotional when the younger kiddo goes off for their first day just like I did with my first, but this is also so very exciting! I am looking forward to the extra hours at the art desk.

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