May.10.17 at 02:44 pm

Had a lovely reader reach out today about how this page was personal for them. In the discussion I talked about how this page was rather personal for me as well. My grandmother passed just this January. She played a big part in raising me and she’d been in slow decline from Alzheimer’s over the last decade, must worse in the last five years. I feel like I’ve been grieving for a very long time, knowing that this strong, kind, amazing woman was losing herself slowly and surely. And that this decline would not cease until it was all over, until her body forgot even how to function and she was gone.

I think while I don’t generally do autobiographical comics, there are parts of my life that leak through into my stories. They say you write from life and experience and I have to agree. These things shape you. And there may always be a little place inside that still grieves. And that’s okay.

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